We believe in the capacity of youth, university students and skilled professionals to create a new future for communities in need. Our work shapes global citizens who partner to bring real benefit and change to local communities, the marketplace and the world. Together we bring assistance to children at risk, victims of terror, survivors of natural disasters and refugees fleeing oppressive governments.

Since the beginning, Imagine Thailand's focus has been on connecting two sides of Thailand's society - university students with the education to initiate transformation and local communities with great needs.  Imagine Thailand is a bridge between these opposite ends. We believe in those who have society’s permission to bring change can do just that—catalyze change. We believe in a new generation of young adults who want to make a meaningful difference in their world. We believe in Thai students and young professionals who stand ready to bring transformation to local communities and society. We see young adults as having the ability to be community contributors, people who can add value to a local community by improving the quality of life.

Imagine Thailand is a registered Thai foundation (registered as Imagine Thailand Foundation, reg. no. กท 1917) with Thai and Canadian leadership. Motivated by our Christian faith, we assist people regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or gender.

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