Early Beginnings

In 1918 a man named John Marshall wanted to provide children with a place to be instructed in the Word of God on the Saanich Peninsula and began Mount Newton Sunday School.

A Church Was Born

This developed to such a degree that eventually a church was planted. In 1942 Verdun Delgatty became pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Sidney and also pastor of Mount Newton Sunday School. The church was now affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

New Building for the church

A new building was constructed on East Saanich Road in 1943. A second expansion of the church took place with the purchase of the present property on McDonald Park Road in 1973. A second new building was completed in 1977 and the church was named Sidney Pentecostal Church.

A New Name for a New Era

In 2010 the the name was changed to Highway Christian Fellowship to reflect the continued progression, growth and the new era the church has embraced.

Those Who Have Served

The church was served by the following pastors, Verdun Delgatty, John Veary, George Brooks, Glenn Richmond, Roy Fleming, Doug Lynn, Ted Harper, Charles Barker, Robert Mitchell, Vern Tisdalle, Dave Hauser, Bob Mitchell, John Liira, and Ralph Juthman the present pastor.