It is a time to get away from our regular routines and to be refreshed and renewed in body, soul and spirit. Literally thousands of people have been impacted by availing themselves of these opportunities and hundreds can testify of life transforming times they have experienced at this amazing Vancouver Island camp.

Spiritually NBPC offers the opportunity to meet with God.

Some people receive blessing through dynamic ministry or worship while others enjoy the opportunity to retreat for a quiet time to hear the voice of the Spirit.

Camp is a great place for fellowship.

People of all ages meet new friends, renew old acquaintances, and form long-lasting positive relationships. You can be socially enriched.

Camp is fun!

Whether it is a shared sports event, a craft, or a supervised excursion, Nanoose Bay Camp is committed to offering good wholesome fun. 

Each camp is directed by dedicated people who are motivated by love and concern. Their primary objective is to help you, as a camper, experience God’s best for your life.

See you at Nanoose!

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