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Donated Wheelchairs: 
this week at VOH Africa
Dear Ralph,

Many exciting things are happening this week at our various Villages. We prepared for exams, received some gifts, and welcomed visitors from Canada! Keep reading to learn more... 

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Thank you for joining us at Evenings of Hope 2018!

Thank you for joining us this year at Evenings of Hope! We will be reporting back soon on the success of the events. What we do know is that over 300 of you attended, which is amazing! We look forward to seeing you again next Fall!


Feature Story: VOH Mongu Received Wheelchairs!

Five of our precious therapy children at VOH Mongu have been gifted with wheelchairs fitted to their medical needs! 

The therapists, Elin Stenersen and Connie Mubuyaeta, have spent hours fitting the chairs to the kids, training the parents on how to care for the chairs, and showing them how to seat the children properly. We believe that all children should be able to be out in the world and comfortable in their environment. 

We want to give a big thank you to the supporters from Norway and South Africa. The beneficiaries, being the children and their parents, are very happy to be out and about more freely. 

Burundi: Feeding Program

Most of the children at VOH Burundi live in the surrounding community. We offer them extra lessons in the afternoon after school. For these extra lessons to be successful, we provide lunch for our children at the center before tutoring. We are very thankful to be able to provide a nutritious meal to them as many are not regularly receiving nutritious food at home. Our children really look forward to the feeding program each day! 

Chongwe: Ministry of Health Training

At VOH Chongwe the Ministry of Health came in and talked to our youth about sexual and reproduction health. They discussed how young people can help encourage and support their friends who are dealing with health issues they may be too shy/ashamed to talk to a nurse about. During these sessions, they are teaching our young adults and encouraging them to seek a nurse and not be ashamed.
The place where the training is held is located within a health facility where young people get information about their health, receive treatment, and also get psychological support.

More about this Ministry of Health project: 

Naturally, young people struggle to access sexual and reproduction health care due to stigma, lack of information, and a cultural belief that adults should not talk to young people about sex. Due to this fact,  the Ministry of Health (in collaboration with the Ministry of Community Development) has embarked on training youth volunteers. These volunteers will help in areas of counselling and referrals for personal hygiene services including abstinence, HIV, STD, and HIV -related diseases. It is now a requirement for every health post to have a fully functional youth friendly corner. 

Kitwe: Taonga prepares for exams! 

Meet Taonga who came to VOH Kitwe when she was just 5 years old. Today she is part of the group who are writing grade 9 exams. 

Government exams for grades 9 and 12 are currently happening in Zambia. Here at VOH Kitwe our children are well prepared and aren’t afraid of writing their exams. 

This week they wrote their agriculture science exam, which is one of Taonga’s favourite subjects. 

We are so delighted to see children who came to us with no hope growing into responsible, confident children who are excited about their futures thanks to the love, care, and support they receive here at the VOH!

Malawi: Gifts from Sponsors!

At VOH Malawi our children are so grateful when they receive gifts from their sponsors! Telezia has just received a bag of maize, a bag of fertilizer, some plates, and other small items that brightened her face.

Telezia is living with her grandmother, her father, and eight other relatives in their home. She is in grade 9 and wants to become a teacher.

Mwanza: Visit from "Church in the City"

Recently at VOH Mwanza, we were blessed to welcome a team from "Church in the City" located in Toronto. They were only on the ground for 7 days, but they worked so hard and were such a blessing! 

The team conducted medical check-ups for all of our community children at our main site and our outreach site in Bulale. They also donated laptops to help start our computer lab and lots of other craft and school supplies. 

They were so creative and brought really fun things to help entertain the kids while they waited for their check-ups, including polaroid cameras with photos the kids could keep, play-dough, lego, and bubbles! They also did a special event for our Housemothers and blessed them with a gift to appreciate the work they do. 

We are so thankful for partners and friends all over the world who help us bring hope (and smiles) to children here in Tanzania!

Zimbabwe: Edmore Gets a Scholarship!

Meet Edmore, a young man whom we featured previously in one of our weekly news stories. Edmore has done very well in His national exams and is working on continuing his education at University. 

We are so happy and thankful that he managed to get a scholarship for the next three years studying accounting! He was presented with the certificate in church on a Sunday and he and his mother are so excited! We are excited, too, as we have seen Edmore grow and work hard on his education. He is a very disciplined young man and the principles and qualities that the VOH has implanted in him will take him places. 

We are continually grateful to all friends and supporters who help bring hope to children at the VOH!

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