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Merry Christmas from the HilsdensDear Ralph and Susan,  We're so grateful for all your love and support. We are blessed by our new Highway family.  These pictures were taken in April on a casual day at home.  Missing are our three daughters-in-law who were not all present, and our precious little Adam who was born shortly after. It’s hard to believe that over 35 years ago we came to Jerusalem, with two toddlers, excited and willing to launch into the unknown.  Today, Jamie keeps putting out great music and his wife Hania keeps designing amazing shoes and bags for Balagan, the company she started a few years ago. This year Joel, Laura, and their three kids relocated to Tennessee. He is now the Tech director at a great church and Laura teaches dance. We hope to get them both back for the production of our next Jerusalem Encounter conference in June! Jonathan, who lives in Ottawa, launched his company, Hilsden Media and is thriving! Michael’s Aspiring Productions is expanding, and he now has several employees. His wife Becki is a great mom to 3 precious kids here in Jerusalem. We are grateful that all of our sons and their families serve the Lord! And our grandchildren are such a joy!  Ann continues to be significantly involved in music projects and will help produce another national worship concert/recording later in 2019. She is also involved in initiatives with a former deputy mayor of Jerusalem, to help clean up and beautify Jerusalem. This year I (Wayne) completed all of my classes toward my Doctor of Ministry degree through Asbury Theological Seminary. The next step is to finish my dissertation – “Engaging Christian Leaders with what God is doing in Israel today” – something closely aligned with my work as president of the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM), an association of over 50 ministries in Israel. FIRM is a catalyst for unity in the Body in Israel and provides a platform for effective ministries to tell their stories and foster strategic partnerships. FIRM’s annual Jerusalem Encounter is a dynamic conference that has proven to be eye-opening for the several hundred leaders and young people who attend from around the world!  In 2018 King of Kings Ministries created a network of 14 congregations. Israel College of the Bible, which we indigenized many years ago, is thriving and its One for Israel evangelism arm is producing video testimonies of Jewish believers who have decided to follow Jesus -- with over 70 million views so far on YouTube!   Thank you for being our friends. And we couldn’t keep serving in Israel without your backing! We wish you a wonderful Christmas and we pray that 2019 will be your best year ever! With deep gratitude,Ann and Wayne